I started training with Corey 5 months ago, in that time I have changed my eating habits, worked hard and exercied 5 times a day. Its been amazing I have lost 15kg in that time and will never look back!

Viet, Telstra

Great guy, eccentric and lovely to deal with. Makes an excellent Personal Trainer and goes further in the theory and understanding of the human body than most other PT’s can understand. He helped me out a lot with new theoretical and often extremely technical ways of increasing myofibrillar muscular hypertrophy. He knows his subject extremely well, and he’s welcome back to train me in London any time! Excellent, made more progress with him in two weeks than any other personal trainers in a month. Please feel free to ask him to help you out with myofibrillar or sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, he’s more than able to explain the difficult¬†concepts; and help you to understand what needs to be done in order to maintain your continued growth and development.

Fletcher Bayley, Student, University of Greenwich