Personal Training Adelaide

I work with three main types of people in the following areas:

• Weight loss

• Exercise rehabilitation

• Improved performance



Whether you are looking for big numbers or just losing a few kg’s these are the main areas I cover:

1. Learn what to do when you are training alone. I give you the tools and tricks to work on your own. This includes programs, nutritional diaries, eating plans and strategies on how to keep track of your progress and keep motivated. The reason of this is I can be the pest trainer in the world but if I can’t motivate you to spend the rest of your time making choice toward your goals you are not likely to succeed.

2. Coaching you to success. I use a coaching methodology and positive psychology to take you from where you are now to towards where you want to go. Studies show that there is too much information on weight loss out there. Personally I have found that if someone is given too much information at the start they will fail. I drip feed you information and make sure it sticks building from one success to another.

3. Exercise can be fun. Think back to the last skill that you enjoyed learning chances are you had fun learning it that is why it stuck. Learning to lose weight and be healthy can be a fun and enjoyable experience. More importantly if being fit and healthy is fun it’s a skill you can retain for life. Don’t miss understand me if you are looking to work hard, you won’t be disappointed. You will definitely leave with a sense of achievement and hard work.

4. There is more to life than apples and dumbbells. There is a lot more to weight loss than exercising regularly and counting calories. If it where that simple than everyone would do it. I take a holistic approach to weight loss looking at your life style, stress levels, water intake, nutrition and other key factors to help move you towards your goal.


Exercise rehab is for anyone who is in pain and would like to feel better. This ranges from people who are post operation down to people who have no specific back pain. The main areas I cover are as follows:

1. Assessment. I look at you from head to toe using a varity of different assessment tools including gait analysis, movement test, core function test and many more. The purpose of this is to see how you are moving and how you could move better. Also to formulate a plan to improve your movement and pain.

2. In session and home play exercise. The emphasis in session is flexibility, endurance and movement coordination. A lot of pain comes from poor coordination of muscle group this in turn produces tight and weak muscles. Working at the cause of the problem rather than the symptom allows me to get great results fast.

3. Coaching out of pain. Moving out of pain is a process one that takes time for lasting results. Have you ever seen a professional who relieved your pain but after a couple of days the pain was right back where you started. Using a coaching methodology I give you the exercises and stretches to retrain your movement and free yourself from pain long term.

4. Moving can be fun. A fun happy environment is key to change and learning. If you enjoy moving in a new way you are more likely to keep that new movement pattern and there for move with less pain. If you are looking for that feeling of hard work and a job well done you will get that too. But you will receive it in a safe environment that won’t cause you more pain.

5. Pain can come from your life. Have you ever noticed that your pain is worse when you are stressed out at work? Mental stress can be translated into physical tightness and this can cause pain. Because of this I look at your life style as well as your movements to help with pain. The way you spend large amounts of your time can also contribute to pain. For example I sit in my car with a lean to the right. This causes a twist in my pelvis that I could not understand until I thought about what I did on daily basis that could contribute to my pain.



Improved performance refers to anyone who would like to improve their health and fitness. People who commonly fall into this category are people that would like to tone up, get fit or improve their current level of wellbeing. To achieve this I use the following main areas:

1. Coaching you towards success. Using a step by step process to move you towards your goals. Building on your success and giving you the tools and tricks to stay motivated and on track.

2. Moving towards your goals with fun. Most skills which you keep for life are skills learnt in a fun environment. If hard work and a scene of achievement is what you are after you won’t be disappointed.


Most sessions are carried out a follows:

1. The session starts with a look over your weekly goals and your progress toward your long term goals.

2. This is followed by a functional warm up that gets all the parts of your body working together.

3. The majority of our session time together is spent training you in a tailored manner towards your needs and goals. This activites carried out in this time vary greatly depending on the individual and can range from light stretching and teaching of exercises, right up to a on holds bared sweat session.

4. The end of the session is a time to stretch set the weeks strategies and home play exercises.


Fitness first Adelaide city 81 King William St SA

Outdoor sessions in parks around Adelaide


Working hours are between 10am and 8pm weekdays