About us

Five years ago I became a massage therapist. After less than a year in the job I was involved in a car accident that changed everything for me. No, I wasn’t left paralysed. In fact, to look at me you

would be hard pressed to see any change at all. Never the less I was changed. Before my accident I trained in martial arts every day, went rock climbing, and surfing. I loved being active and loved my job. After this minor car accident, I couldn’t get through the day without a nap, any strenuous exercise was out the question, and I definitely couldn’t do my job.

Upon joining Fitness First I met someone who would change my life. Ben, my personal trainer, was patient, encouraging, positive and helped me change a lot more in my life than just health and fitness. I have been hooked since becoming a personal trainer three years ago. I have helped many people change their health, fitness, lifestyle and work life balance. I have travelled to London, where I trained with some of the best in the industry, gaining my diploma in functional performance.

My specialties are in exercise rehabilitation and weight loss, with a focus in corporate health and work life balance.